Thursday, May 10, 2007

Before coming, What you need to bring!!

Our Network has a data transfer rate at 1000/mbps!! In order to prevent to bottlenecking on the Network, please make sure that your hardware is compatible with our transfer rates.

Please bring your own Laptops and optional Hard Drives.

We will provide you with our
LAN surfer software and a gigabit ethernet network card.

Please no antiquated laptops!!(super old school IBM Thinkpad users yes that means you)

Min. Spec requirements

512 mb of ram

These specs will make sure that your mother board is compatible with our network cards. Hard drives should also have firewire or IEEE1394 ports, to also prevent bottlenecking.(usb 2.0 is only at 480 mbps max)

All participants are responsible for the scanning of all their own files. T.D.G. assumes no responsibility for the lost or harming of data. But we will appropriately deal with anybody that we find maliciously destroying or harming others data

Now that we have the specs down!! Let's get ready to head to the Gatherings!!

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